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Remove Steps From Purchase

Postby west43 » Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:05 am


I have gone through some test purchases several times and was just wondering if we can remove some steps from the purchase process?

At the moment it goes like this:

Buyer chooses credit option and clicks "Buy"> Buyer is taken to billing page where address is confirmed(billing.php)>Buyer clicks "Next Step">Payment method is selected(billing2.php)>Buyer clicks "Place order"(billing3.php)>Buyer is taken to the Paypal page to pay.

Is there anyway just for the buyer to choose the credit option and then click Buy and be taken directly to Paypal?

I only accept Paypal on my site and want the payment/buying process to be as simple as possible for my buyers. I read somewhere once that the more steps required to make a purchase, the less people complete it, meaning less sales. I have done it myself. I have gone to buy something from somewhere, but then changed my mind and simply left the site after having to click "next" several times.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
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