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Correct charset in phpMyAdmin?

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Correct charset in phpMyAdmin?

Postby mj72 » Wed Oct 16, 2019 1:04 pm

I am uploading danish photos in UTF-8.

In my webhost > Controlpanel > table photos > Tab Structure: Here there are charset for: title, description, keywords, author, content type, color, refuse_reason, url, url_jpg+png+gif+raw+tiff+eps+jp2+jpf+zip.

1. Should they all be: latin1_danish_ci, utf8mb4_danish_ci or uft8mb4_unicode_ci?

2. At PhpMyAdmin frontpage > Generel settings > Servers connetion charset: Is set to uft8mb4_unicode_ci
Is that correct?

Thanks a lot :-)
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