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Member Area display problems

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Member Area display problems

Postby betatest » Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:54 pm

i'm using PVS with template n°7
and i have a bug ( i'm on macintosh and Safari )


if your customer have wide 24' screen, it's good
but i just have 19' ; my correct display

modify in
- " template7 / box_members_profile.tpl " for listing
- " template7 / style.css " for " visible " style
Code: Select all
A.w:link,A.w:visited {font: 8.4pt Verdana;color: #F30;text-decoration: underline;} /* #FFFFFF */
A.w:active,A.w:hover {font: 8.4pt Verdana;color: #F60;text-decoration: underline;} /* #FFFFFF */
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Re: Member Area display problems

Postby cmsaccount » Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:34 am

The member area is integrated into the header of Template 7. I see you switched on 'Member area' sidebox. So the box was dublicated on the site and that's why it has an incorrect style on the left side.
You should disable 'Member area' box here:
Admin panel -> Templates -> Side boxes.

For 7-14 templates 'Member area' box is integrated into the header by default.
For 1-6 old templates you should switch on 'Member area' box in Admin panel -> Templates -> Side boxes.
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