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Need more Checkboxes!

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Need more Checkboxes!

Postby TechLine » Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:33 pm


i need more Chackboxes in Photo-, Video-, Audio- and Verctor-Upload Form.

I have insert 4 Checkboxes in Photo-Form and 4 more rows in the Photo-DB Table.
That works fine for me.
Seller can set and change the Checkboxes.

But Adminpanel i cant schowup the Checkboxes.

I don't understand the structure_document.php.
There is the following Code:
Code: Select all
case "checkbox":
if(!isset($id)){$t_default=$ds->row[ "checkbox" ];}
<input name="<?=$rs->row[ "name_column" ]?>" type=checkbox  value="1"  <?if($t_default==1){echo("checked");}?>>

But how can i set to load and update my own Checkboxes?

This are my Fields:
Code: Select all
<input name="photoinput1" type="checkbox" <?if($photoinput1==1){echo("checked");}?>><b><?=word_lang("photoinput1")?></b><br>
<input name="photoinput2" type="checkbox" <?if($photoinput2==1){echo("checked");}?>><b><?=word_lang("photoinput2")?></b><br>
<input name="photoinput3" type="checkbox" <?if($photoinput3==1){echo("checked");}?>><b><?=word_lang("photoinput3")?></b><br>
<input name="photoinput4" type="checkbox" <?if($photoinput4==1){echo("checked");}?>><b><?=word_lang("photoinput4")?></b><br>

Can you tell me a solution?

The Checkboxes are for short Terms of use:
Terms of Use
[ ] My file does not contain recognizable people without a model release.
[ ] I am the author of the file and own all artistic elements in the image.
[ ] My file does not contain trademarks or elements protected by industrial or intellectual property laws.
[ ] My file is the type of file that customers needed.


Best regards
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