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Bunch of remarks

Postby serge » Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:52 am

Hi all, here are some remarks about usage of the script:

1. Layered navigation works well after search. search for a keyword and then filter the portrait photos only. But when you don't use the Search, let's say you enter a category and then filter the portrait photos, the script will return all the portrait photos from all categories.

2. When filtering a Search buy color, how do you reset to every color?

3. Someone already pointed this in the forum: the related images shown on the photo page on my site are not related, actually. They have completely different keywords and descriptions.whereas there ARE very related photos on my site but they do not show in the related component.

4. Let's say a Buyer visits your site with Firefox and has "Show the downloads window" checked in his settings.
When he clicks on the link to download a photo but then cancels the download, the script records that he did download the file.

5. In content_photo.php there is no more link to the model release as it was in previous versions, which is good (clients should not not see it because it's personnal information). But it would be better to state on the page that there IS a model release for that image.

6. When someone logs in with Facebook, their username is "fb12345678912345" (which doesn't look good. Looks like it's a machine an not a human).
Now when editing their profile users cannot change their username, which is normal.
But in the case of FB/Twitter logging it would be nice if the user could modify it (only once for all).
As a workaround I was thinking the admin could ask the user for his desired username and change this in the backend. But you can't do this cause next time the user logs in the script will create a new account for him.
Any idea on how to deal with this?

7. What would happen to a user (be it a Buyer, Seller or Affiliate) if for some reason his Facebook or Twitter account is deactivated. Will he still be able to log into his account on the Photo Store?
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Re: Bunch of remarks

Postby joBox » Thu May 30, 2013 4:27 pm

Alot of really good points that hopefully the admin will answer ...
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