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"Friendly names" for Logout button

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"Friendly names" for Logout button

Postby Krixmeister » Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:20 am


I didn't like the "Logout [fb9999999]" name on the Logout button when a user had logged in via Facebook, so with some very helpful assistance from Anton I made some changes so that the "Logout []" button shows a "friendly" name - specifically it shows their Firstname (which the Facebook and Twitter code should capture automatically when a user logs in via those methods).
I thought I would share these changes in case anyone else would find this useful. Below is a link to my Dropbox with the modified code - replace the relevant sections of


with what is in these files. DO NOT replace the whole file - in the below link I have only included the relevant sections that need replacement, not the whole file.

Link: ... ipt_shared

A few points to make:

1) This modification is in NO WAY supported by either the management of Stock Photo Script or myself. No warranties or support are implied or explicit.

2) I haven't tested this with the Vkontakte method - no idea if this works or not using that system, but it should

3) In functions.php and check.php you can uncomment some of the code (you'll see where) if you would like the "friendly name" to apply only to Twitter and Facebook logins, keeping the site username for website logins (via username/password)

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Re: "Friendly names" for Logout button

Postby KeeGee » Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:43 am

Hi Kristan,

Nice tweak.

Are you able to upload the whole file? I can't get it working.

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