Using Fotomoto to sell prints and other image products


Fotomoto is a print-on-demand e-commerce system that enables you to sell prints, downloads and more from images on your site. They do all the hard work for you: printing, packaging, shipping and even customer service. For more information about Fotomoto please see

You can follow these steps to install Fotomoto on your site:

1. Create a new Fotomoto account at and follow their instructions.

When asked for your Website or Photoblog, you'll enter the URL of your website. Please be sure to enter your site URL correctly.

When asked for your Publishing Platform, please select "Other" and type "Photo Video Store" where it says Please specify. Select "" from the Do you use any Libraries? drop-down menu.

When asked for Your Site's Publishing Platform, please select "None, I'm not using any script or template."

On the Install Your Fotomoto Script page, just click the "I'm Done, Take me to the Dashboard" button and your Fotomoto account will be complete.

2. Click the Settings icon at the top of the page, then copy the Store ID number (the long string of numbers and letters).

3. Go back to your Photo Video Store Admin panel -> Settings -> Fotomoto Prints service and paste the Store ID in to the Fotomoto Store ID field.

4. Add the code {FOTOMOTO} into the template: /templates/template[n]/item_photo.tpl by FTP.

5. You're ready to sell! Now your images will display the Fotomoto Buy links and your site visitors can buy your work.

How to integrate Fotomoto widget

Last you'll want to set your prices, learn a bit more about how Fotomoto works, etc., so we recommend you read I've installed Fotomoto - now what?.

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