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Some config and behavior questions...

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Some config and behavior questions...

Postby hupegraphics » Wed May 28, 2014 5:09 pm

Hi there,

at first: great script, really like it! But I have some questions how to config it to fit my needs...:

I need Bank Transfer to offer as payment method for buyers (after the order the buyer see my bank account details and have to transfer the money to my account, order is pending. When money arrives on my account I set the order manually from pending to approved. How can I add this method? I also can't find cheque / money order as payment method...

I know that a have to set a seller as common so he can also act as a buyer, but as far as I see after testing it is not possible for him to buy photos with credits he got from sales commission. I really need a way for a seller to change his "Commission — Balance" into "Credits — Balance". How can I achieve that?

For commission payout via bank transfer I need the seller to fill out three fields for me so I can do the transaction: IBAN, BIC and Name of Bank Account Owner - at the moment the seller can only input his account number in one field and choose a bank I predefined from a dropdown. How can I change this?

Think that's my first questions... also got some errors but for that I'll open a new thread.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Some config and behavior questions...

Postby admin » Thu May 29, 2014 7:56 pm

Hello Danica,

You should enable it here:
Admin panel -> Settings -> Site settings -> Check and Money order

b) and c)
The script doesn't have the features

You could write me an email and we would discuss the development of b) and c) options. They are reasonable.
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