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Photo Video Store Script — Testimonials

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I love this amazing software. It gives you a LOT of customization. If you want more customization than that, you need some html- or php-skills (or patience). The forum is good, the support is very helpful and their developement is very cheap. I love your work and I hope it will continue.
Mads Jensen
This is a superb script and the after-sales assistance is the best I've ever had. I strongly recommend CMSaccount.
This is an excellent script. I use it for years and highly recommend it. But more importantly - that support is the best I've ever seen. I wish much success to the creator!
Greetings from Serbia. Excellent mediastore CMS and brilliant support! I recommend this CMS to everyone!
Darko Dozet
Great product, great service. Would highly recommend to all photographers and video producers.
Harvey Leach
As a photographer, I have thousands of images stored on my server. ‘Photo Stock Script’ allowed me to quickly and easily get a professional site online making the most of my stock images and allowing photographer friends to join me. Support has been fantastic, any questions have been answered very quickly.
Chris Burton
I think cmsaccount script is very good, for the last 4 years they added a good upgrade on the script and that awesome and I recommend to others photographers. You just need a good hosting company with large disk space so that your site will run smoothly.  
Fern Agno
I like very much this script. Good work.
Sebastian, Romania
Не могу не выразить благодарности автору Photo Video Store Script как за высококачественный продукт, так и за терпеливую техподдержку. Потратив совсем небольшие деньги, вы не разочаруетесь в покупке Photo Video Store Script. Спасибо огромное!
Андрей, Россия
If you are looking for a professional site that allows you to sell photos to your clients with ease this is the site for you. For over a year I have been using the CMS Account Photostore and it has been the perfect solution for my business. The store has allowed me to deliver news and sports photos to hundreds of clients around the world from some of the biggest events including presidential visits to the G8 Summit. The site has never failed me before and I am confident that it would be perfect for me in the future. The site is constantly adapting to keep you at the top of the industry and has a number of options for your client ranging from free downloads to subscriptions. PhotoStore is simple to use, in fact so simple I didn't need to slowly transition to it and many of my clients did not need a guide to use the site. The support and after care is second to none ! Every time I need some help changing a theme or making customisations I have an answer in no time! Weither you are a professional photographer or a budding amateur this is the site for you to start your career!
Kevin Scott
Owner of Scott Media Belfast
Hello Anton, my words for you will be next - Your cms is amazingly cool! It helped me a lot.
Just Amazing.
Not sure what to recommend more... Your great product or your great support is a difficult choice to make.
David Schmerin
Fearless Leader
Hæ hæ  Anton,
Greetings from Iceland.
First of all I would like to thank you for all your work, support and patience you have shown to me. You are always positive, ready to help and…… yes….. what can I say. In my language “Takk kærlega fyrir” :-). When I have had my first sale and I have seen this working fully 100% with my money in my PayPal I will write a big positive comment on your sale web. The only thing I can say up till now that it is working great, I love working with it and…… yes – Takk takk We also deserve to have positive letters, not only complains and HELP – and this is mine to you. Ones again – Thank you = Takk fyrir – love your work and I hope it will continue.
Rafn Sig
Photo Video Store Script is just what I need for selling digital and printed photos. All the key features of the Script including multiple currency and language support with good Russian localisation, SEO friendly optimized links,  Photo Zoomer, powerful search engine with tips are useful and essential indeed for my purposes. Especially I want to express my thanks to technical support for great help and prompt and comprehensive answers to my numerous questions! Thank you!
Yulia Nazarenko
GlamourKey is completely built around the photo store script. The script has incredible functionality and can expand to meet any demands that a stock photo & stock footage seller might need.

We have been working with the photo script store for almost 4 years now. We just launched a new updated version of GlamourKey with the help of Anton, the photo store script creator.

Anton has personally helped customize the script along with the overall look of our new website. I think he is extremely knowledgeable at his website design skills. Our team certainly enjoys working with him because he is fast at making designs, changes, tweaks and adjustments.

The Photo Store Script has some of the best customer service in the industry!

The Photo Store Script is perfect for anyone looking to get into the business of selling stock content. If you have website knowledge, this is certainly the script for you to try because you can do so much with it.

If you do not have website knowledge and need some personal assistance with customizing your look or the script I would seriously recommend working with Anton. He is the script's creator and he is extremely patient with helping out customers. Anton has done requested jobs from our team that I did not think was possible. He is always there for us and I know how much he wants everything to be perfect.

For the low price of the script, you not only receive an incredibly detailed piece of software / website - You receive incredible support which is vital when doing a start up business like this.

If anyone has any questions or would like to talk to me personally about the Photo Script please contact me.

Jon Schellenger
CEO of GlamourKey, Inc
The script is easy to use, installation free, easy to upload the images via ftp. More simply impossible :)
Roverto Castillo
I just want to say thank you for all your help! I've got my site running in record speeds and even managed to make a few sales already. I purchase the software and asked A LOT of questions. And your company have been a HUGE help in helping me get my stock photography store just the way I want it. I highly recomend your software to everyone! Thank you!

I think photostorescript is excellent value for money. It's easy to install, easy to configure. And you can ask the help desk anything about modifying the script, and they're happy to help. I bought my script over a year ago, and they still answer my questions. I'm very pleased with the software. Not to mention that they update often giving new and modern features to their software! I highly recommend!
Jennifer Santolla
Just want to say how awesome this software and your support is. I bought this software over 2 years ago, and you still offer support when I moved my site. Your software is the best! No problems, no errors! I appreciate it and wanted to write you a nice review. You can quote me!
Jennifer Santolla
I am compelled to say a BIG THANK YOU to the team at Of all the software products I have ever bought online not alone is the value for money on this one simply great  but the after sales support is second to none. These guys are straight up. If it can be done they do it in a very timely fashion and if its something that's not possible at the time they tell you straight up. And when running a business this clarity is so important. I had one similar experience many years ago with a company that provided a GIS software. They had pretty much the same after sales approach as That company are a huge success today and have a supper GIS software. I can see the same for the future of because they work closely with their customers. (Keep up the good work guys) Every success to in the future. 
Mike O Connell
Thank you very much for your excellent Mediastore script. Everything is working well and your support is fast and efficient. For selling my and colleagues pictures we are happy to use this Mediastore script! It is very easy to transfer our pictures to the webstore for selling them.
Peter Widmann
I highly appreciate your professionalism. You have been so nice and helpful and had never failed in responding. As a non-technical user, I don't think I would be able to customize the script to the extent we expected without your help.  I have also learned from your responses, so hopefully I am able to do a bit more in the future without asking too much questions :-) We are close to completion, and we can see  your script is working the way we like it to. Thank you so much again!!
Simon Cheng
I have had an imagestock on since 1999 and had for some time looked for a new and updated software that would make things better for my costumers and especially for me. When it easy for me, I know that I will upload more images for sale and that is exactly what this software did. And great thanks to support for all the help with installing and configuring it too!! – I have just opened after having it closed for only 14 days!
Bent Medvind Sørensen,
Just wanted to thank you for helping me get everything working on my site. Rarely do I find the superior support and promptness that you have provided for your product. Big thanks!
Todd Youngblood
Good script and nice support! I bought this script last month. This is a good script and it has more fuctions add on.
Pongsak  Sukrath, Thailand
I'd like to thank the CMSaccount team for creating and supporting the Photo selling script. They have been continually developing it over the years, and it's now better than ever. Support from the team there is exceptional. They went above and beyond to ensure their software functions well for our particular needs. I'd have no hesitation to recommend CMS account's software to anyone looking for a top Photo & video selling community platform!
Michael Soden, CEO, Liquid Digital
Too good to be true.. but its true. I don't know much about computer. But now my site is up and running with the help of CMSaccount. КI have never come across a company online provide this much service after sale. КPatiently help. so far I have asked 26 question. more to come :) Very fast accurate reply. May the Lord Jesus bless this company.
The photo store script is a great piece of software. There is nothing else like it on the market and it is quick and easy to configure. The developer is very helpful and responds to requests in a timely manner. I also had no problem integrating it with Joomla to create a comprehensive photo stock site
Cal Vornberger
Thank you soo much for a great solution and to an affordable price and great support! I was working so hard on my previous one, which I bought with bugs and I had a programmer to fix things that didn't actually improved and the developer of the source wouldn't help me either. With this source, I have been able to transfer all my pictures really quickly, so now I can see a brighter future to have time to continue. I almost gave up that I could realize this opportunity I've foreseen for a very long time ago. I am so glad I found your source. Again, thank you very much!
Very good script, i use it almost year. Very  best  support. All i need for my
Yordan Rusev
This is the first time I'm writing about something I bought and I'm buying many things online. The support is better than anything I've ever experienced. I didn't have to wait more than 10min for answers to my many questions. They know the products they selling and know how to help you in a matter of minutes. The software it self is great how it is. I would still like to see few more futures but I know they working on making the product even better so I'm waiting for new updates in pattience.
Michał Kalinowski
I looked around for many months to find a good image system that I could run a specialised stock media website and found Photo Store Script and am very happy with it and also with the support provided by CMSaccount Inc. The system is easy to use from a user and admin point of view. A good selection of standard templates that are also very easy to amend but look very professional. Regular updates to the software are released and are available free to all purchasers via their control panel
I would like to thank you and appreciate your effort in improving the photo video script. I am using your script for last few years and I am very happy with the improvement you keep doing.
Also your support and help is great, you always with me and support me with all my issues.
Mahmoud Rahal
I used other software for my website for the last 3 years, but when I wanted to increase the number of users, and mainly when I wanted other photographers to join me and upload their photos, I started searching for better software,
I found Photo Video Software the best needed one for me for the following reasons:
1- Easy to use
2- Easy to be installed
2- Elegant Designs
3- Professional Presentation
4- Very Secured
5- Easily can be Adjusted "Adjustable"
6- Multi language interface
7- Professional easy to use Control Panel
I am happy with Photo Video Software and my clients feedback also great
Mahmoud Rahal
I have tried many other sites available for marketing images but none comes up to the standard of PhotoVideoScript. It is very user friendly which to me is a great asset as I can take professional looking photos but when it comes to websites I am a complete novice. The after sales service is first class especially as some of the questions I asked probably sounded stupid. With most websites of this kind you have to use their hosting but here the site is placed where you request providing it is suitable to put the site on and for it to run successfully. Many thanks once again for supplying me with exactly what I was looking for.
Tom Curtis
I have been using Photo Video Store script for 4 months and I'm very happy with the results. The site is SEO optimized and that's why i have a good rating in Google. My site has about 200 unique users daily at the moment, the traffic is growing every month and generating income already. Everything works nice and stable. Very good customer support, fast response. Clean code, easy to customize templates. Thank you very much for the excellent product!
Andreas Grimm from Zorich, Switzerland
Thank you very much for your excellent Mediastore script. Everything goes fast and your support is fast and efficient. I've been searching for a long time a similar album software for selling my pictures and here it is! It is very easy to transfer my pictures to my webstore for selling them.
Photographer Vjatseslav Robtsenkov, Helsinki, Finland.
I just wanted to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Your team at CMSAccount are the most amazing group of people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I am totally amazed!!! I am a photographer, not a web developer. I have been a stock photographer with istockphoto for years only to have minimal commissions and frustration with the whole istock process. I decided to venture out and sell my photos myself. Your software is absolutely awesome, but what is even more amazing is the support you offer with your product. I cannot tell you enough how amazed I am with your tech support representative Anton. He has been so patient with me and not only helpful in explaining what I need to do, he even does it for me. Thank you Anton, and thank you everyone at CMSAccount for such a superior product and awesome support.
Joey Champion
Bradley Media Inc wanted to launch a video clips store to compliment our existing film production company. We looked at many different systems all over the world but couldn't find a system anywhere to match the cost, flexibility and power of the CMS Account package.
CMSaccount worked closely with our developers to help customise and fine tune the site and the management system until it matched our requirements perfectly.
Here's to the ongoing success of both and - We do not hesitate to recommend this system to you for all your film content.
Nick Bradley
I think this is an awesome all-in-one photo and video script. It allowed me to build a sophisticated photo and video site that I never thought I could. And it's so easy to modify to keep the site up to date. I have receive numerous comments on how great the website is and I always thought you had to have one of those massive FLASH sites to get good responses. It is so simple, powerful, versatile, exciting & fascinating that I can't stop working with it! I also recommend this highly. I have never had a serious problem with it, and whenever I needed something the CMS Account team are so fast to respond, often actually giving me hands on details to make the software do the necessary. I have never had this experience with any other photo software. I looked around at a lot of other simple photo and video software but none even come close. So basically, I am really happy with the company and the product altogether. (I am not being paid to say this). Cheers !
C.G. Eruchalu from North Las Vegas, United States
This is such a good script! It contains everything what we need for the microsctock web site! Installation is FREE and there's free and fast support. We've done huge research and we even tested a couple of scripts (software) before we ordered this one. We are very happy with this.
Alena Stralkova from San Diego, United States
I want to thank CMSaccount for the quality of the service while setting up my web . I’ve bought Photo Video Store Software and I’m adapting it to my needs as a photographer and I’m very happy with the result. As I said previously, anytime I’ve asked for help, here was CMSaccount to find an answer to my petition. Thanks to CMSaccount for the valuable follow-up service.
Congratulations! It has been a pleasure to work in collaboration with you.
Go on this way and you’ll make many friends!
Nelson Souto from Barcelona, Spain.

Thank you for a great script and support. Photo Video Store Script is very easy to run and maintain and contains some very nice features at an exceptional price. I would highly recommend Photo Video Store Script to anyone wanting to sell there own photography online.
Michal Konig, Czech Republic.
Dear Friends, This bussines is very new in Turkey.I would like be first company doing this bussines.I search all Turkish software companies their prices are nearly,5000 euro, that was too much for me, I decided to buy ready software, I tried 3-4 different most known one (i don't want to give names) for any reason, their supporting desks are not satisfied, after I bought they did not give good service to me.
Than very big luck I found CMSaccount, price was nearly half of the other companies. The service is 3 times better than the companies. And Turkish version works very well.Some part we are upgreating togetter with company.They are very openmind persons.
if you want to sell your photos online, I beg you to buy this programe not other expencive ones, you will be very happy.
Thanks for everthing!
Gokhan, Turkey
We purchased PhotoStoreScript when another site offered similar software but never delivered or even bothered returning our calls/emails after taking our money. After spending time looking around the internet and reading reviews on different other software to meet our needs, PhotoStoreScript seemed to offer exactly what we wanted without any fuss. We contacted the site and asked a few questions and had a speedy reply; we decided to purchase PhotoStore and install this ourselves. Sadly there seemed to be a problem with our server even though we meet the requirements as stated on their site; we contacted their customer support and within minutes we had a reply asking for our ftp details so they resolve the problems. The site was up and fully working within 20minutes with all problems resolved (our server not the software I must add); during the time uploading images and updating the easy to use templates we had some minor issues so we contacted their customer support again and without questions they understood our issues and helped us without any fee, yet again our errors and not the software. This software has been a great asset to our site and compliments to their customer support. I would highly recommend anyone to use/purchase PhotoStore for their own site; one thing though let them install it for you, it's quicker and they're the experts. Overall, great support and fast turn around with any issues. Fantastic software.
Richard from USA
We think that CMS Account is one of the better scripts around. The store is flexible, fast and stable in use. Integrated features as advertising and payment gateways make setup and maintenance a lot easier. The service that CMS Account offers is really unbelievable good! They helped us out with the intergration and installation of our own corporate design and we are very pleased with the result. The response to our questions and wishes were excellent. We like to thank CMS Account for their continues support.
Dick Boot from Netherlands
I have been very pleased with the functionality of this product. We also purchased a software package costing over $1,000 but decided to go with CMSaccount's software as it has more features and more functionality for our needs.
Drew Strickland, Canada
I have had a few weeks now to use the Photo Video Store Software on my web site and I really like the features and the ease of uploading my images as it creates auto thumbnails. Not only does it have the light box feature were a simple mouse over will give you a larger view of an image, the program makes it easy to set up taking payments by Paypal. The auto watermark is very handy as well. I give this program two thumbs up. I must add that the service is friendly and supportive also. So if you want an easy to use server type program to sell your artwork or photograph's, I suggest you try this one, you'll like!
Michael J. Homan
Photo Video Store Software saved my precious hundreds of hours and putted the headache far away while setting up an online photo store. As a user -friendly software which is bundled with huge features I'll never get in others softwares, it's so valuable for money. There's too much to say about this software but it's enough to say that I'm satisfy with it. But for me, a good software isn't enough. It must be bundled with good services and I've got it from the friendly software developer. Ask them anything. There's always an answer for it. Thumb up for Photo Video Store Software!
MalaysiaLense Team
I bought this script because it looked nice and professional. After the money transfer the script was very quick on my server because the service are very quick and professional. After I started to work with this script all things going a good way. Some questions, sure, but the email answers are realy quick on day and night. I'm very happy to buy this Software and my wife too. I never bought a professional software like this for this less money and profesional support. Thanks CMSaccount for your great script!
Peter Hoffmann, Germany
Photo Video Store is the best script I bought all year. It handles the buying and selling of digital photos and videos better than any other ecommerce solution on the market. The script is a complete turnkey solution for selling digital media goods. CMSAccount also stands behind this script with an unparalleled level of customer service, customizing the script to meet my needs and programming it to work with the SecurePay credit card gateway. I will definitely be deploying this script again across my other websites.
Matt Loughran, New York, USA
I bought Photo Video Store and LOVE it! After 6 LONG months of searching (and 3 years of using 5 different programs for 1 site), I'm really happy to have found a program that does all I need and more. Don't waste money or time on anything else. This program can handle what you need and is worth every penny!
W.L. - Texas USA