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Bug in Admin - User upload manager - Categories

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Bug in Admin - User upload manager - Categories

Postby funmediapicture » Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:07 pm


when a seller in his account create a category i see this in admin under User upload manager - Categories.

There i have the possibility unlock the category. But the link is not working for this. I can't change the Status to Approved.

I can't see in the demo if it's the same problem. I checked and found this:

In admin/upload/publications_category.php is this line:

<a href="javascript:doLoad

but in the index.php i don't have this: doLoad. The only what i have are:

function fstatus(fid,fdo,ftable)

So i have it changed for me.

Search this line:

<td><div id="status<?=$rs->row["id_parent"]?>" name="status<?=$rs->row["id_parent"]?>"><a href="javascript:doLoad(<?=$rs->row["id_parent"]?>);" <?=$cl?>><?if($rs->row["published"]==1){echo(word_lang("approved"));}else{echo(word_lang("pending"));}?></a></div></td>

Replace with this:

<td><div id="status<?=$rs->row["id_parent"]?>" name="status<?=$rs->row["id_parent"]?>">

<a href="javascript:fstatus(<?=$rs->row ["id_parent"]?>,1,'category');" <?if($rs->row["published"]!=1){?>class="gray"<?}?>><?=word_lang("approved")?></a><br>
<a href="javascript:fstatus(<?=$rs->row ["id_parent"]?>,0,'category');" <?if($rs->row["published"]!=0){?>class="gray"<?}?>><?=word_lang("pending")?></a><br>
<a href="javascript:fstatus(<?=$rs->row ["id_parent"]?>,2,'category');" <?if($rs->row["published"]!=2){?>class="gray"<?}?>><?=word_lang("declined")?></a>


You have now the same as in User upload manager - Photo. Now you can change between the Status.

In publications_category.php you found this line also:


This are not needed more for this change. You can let it or delete it.

If you want the status Declined show in seller account change following.

Search in members/publications_category.php the line:

<div><b><?=word_lang("status")?>:</b> <?if($rs->row["published"]==1){echo(word_lang("approved"));}else{echo(word_lang("pending"));}?></div>

Replace with this:


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