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Add credits to Sellers

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Add credits to Sellers

Postby serge » Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:09 am

Hi all,

In the Admin CMS, Downloads>Credits, we can add credits to a Buyer's account.
I'd like to achieve the same thing (add credits) but to Sellers. In Downloads>Commission Manager, there should be a "Add Credits" button.
This would allow for example to pay photographers for every approved image. (this is what some stock agencies like Fotolia did in order to grow their portfolio when they started).
Note that the Quantity field should accept non-integers since we will not pay $1 for an approved image but rather something like $0.15.

Is adding non-integer credits to Sellers already feasible in ver. 10.04? Do you know how to do it? Otherwise it could be added to the whishlist.

Thanks in advance
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