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XML Google sitemaps broken with Aamzon S3

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XML Google sitemaps broken with Aamzon S3

Postby Spectral » Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:54 pm

Any image sitemap created for Google indexing seems to be useless if you use Amazon S3 storage which may explain the loss of traffic on my sites.
Example of a Image sitemap XML:
<image:title>7778 thumb1</image:title>
<image:caption>7778 thumb1 - 15417 kilobyte</image:caption>

The indexer does not recognize any title or description of the images, therefore google may have trouble indexing them.

Maybe it just takes a little longer to index my site after the change but it had been already some month...soooo, if there are no news from the developer regarding SEO optimization I start to reupload all my files at the end of the month to the local server.

I strongly suggest to not use Amazon S3 with this script since this may decrease your traffic sharply. Any other experiences?

Thank you
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