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JQuery uppload

Postby syasinfg » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:37 am

JQuery loader does not work correctly. When adding images, the preview is not displayed. The following errors in the console:
Code: Select all
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'defaults' of undefined
    at bootstrap-image-gallery.min.js:1
    at bootstrap-image-gallery.min.js:1
    at bootstrap-image-gallery.min.js:1
(index):566 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).fileupload is not a function
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> ((index):566)
    at j (jquery.min.js:2)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.min.js:2)
    at Function.ready (jquery.min.js:2)
    at HTMLDocument.J (jquery.min.js:2)
lazyload.1.0.4.min.js:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)
2custom.js:155 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'left' of undefined
    at HTMLLIElement.<anonymous> (custom.js:155)
    at HTMLLIElement.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)
    at HTMLLIElement.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)
    at HTMLLIElement.r.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)
(anonymous) @ custom.js:155
handle @ jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3
dispatch @ jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3
r.handle @ jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3

continue downloading files by clicking on the "start download" button, then the following appears on the screen:

There are no errors in the console.

If you accept the terms and try to publish the files, they will appear on the server.
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Re: JQuery uppload

Postby admin » Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:33 am

Could you contact us by email? You have a javascript error in the template for some reasons. It is not into the uploader.
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